My name is Suelma and I am the owner of S'espureza Apothecary and I am a Latina of Mexican roots. My inspiration came from the love of my culture as well as the need to be represented in everyday life. 

I always knew there was a lack of representation and I would usually draw down my ideas of what I would do instead of?  but honestly didn't have much time, I was pursuing a corporate career, raising a teenager, teaching spin so....that alone keeped me more than busy.  Then.... (as we all know Covid hit) and... I found myself with too much time on my hands, tired of being home and like many of in need of at home hobby, after a a few trials and errors I found it!. I started with soap, then... candles and then ... ended at cosmetic formulations.  After many years of "what & how,  would do"? I created S'espureza.

The business name came from a play on word of my initials and play on words which means ('That is Pure' in spanish). I applied my culture, traditions onto the design & production of the products and with time everything else has grew, I began in my home office then to a small physical location & now the possibilities are endless.... to be continued.

When everything is said in done at the end of the day my focus is to preserve & strengthen tradition, but most importantly I want to encourage cultural diversity and for generations old and young to proudly claim & display their roots.